Mentorship request:
Zimbabwean drone crop spray business looking for agro-expert mentor


We are a drone crop spraying service provider in Zimbabwe. We require mentorship to develop a strategy to reach our long-term goal of becoming a one-stop-shop where farmers get not only the drone crop spray service, but also advanced chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers etc), from renowned international manufacturers.

So far we’ve approached the market from the small-scale farmer angle, with the aim to eventually hit the large-scale players in the near future. Our problem at the moment is getting an audience with large Zimbabwean corporate farming companies, such as Tongaat, Aristone, Beit Bridge Juicing, Schweppes etc, to sell our drone crop service. Their large farms have very significant environmental and social impact, and stand to benefit significantly from our cost cutting solution.


We require the kind of support that will orient us and enable us to mobilize partnerships with international agro-chemical manufactures willing to set base in Zimbabwe, providing agro-chemicals in a manner that we can conveniently add our drone crop spray service. Being a one-stop-shop will place us in a good position in the market.

Asked on September 25, 2019

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