Mentorship request:
We have a Fintech start-up and need a mentor who understands and has helped a start-up company in financial services and legal processes get kick up before.


SaveMoore being at the idea to start-up stage, it usually is overwhelming.
From business registration type to protecting my patent, then who should be in the advisory, how to handle partners with equity, Human Resource management. A whole lot to do.

Like I have obtained a license from a well known legal organisation, but still feel unsure about the execution and viability. How do I make sure it stands and stop other entrants so long it stands?

How do I launch SaveMoore as big brand not a small one?
How do I calculate the break even stuff and per customer profit?

I have a lawyer friend working on our agreements and registrations, but it’s obvious she has not handles this kind before, how do I get a more experienced Business/ Contract Lawyer?

Who and how do I employ and employment packages?

These are my challenges so far.


I have been working on a business idea which I consider phenomenal. I have obtained a patent on this said business idea as my intellectual property. Developing on this idea, has become much of a big bite for me as a starter and thus has necessitated my search for a seasoned mentor.
One of the challenging things is that the busines idea is not in line with my area of training. However, I have taken some courses and attended some conferences in this area. Still on this upgrade, I wish to launch as soon as possible which I know would be a reality working with an ideal coach meant for it -a coach with a lot of Banking knowledge and experience is my dream.
This will help me address issues of legal standing and contractual agreements,funding and equity release, project management and early launching, amidst others.

Asked on May 3, 2018

Accepted Mentors:

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