Mentorship request:
We are looking for mentors in Life and Technical Skills to grow the next generation of African innovators


Each year, about 1 million African graduates enter the job market without the prospect of viable employment. Yet, millions of IT and engineering jobs remain unfilled. At EDACY, we are bridging the job-skills gap created by an insufficient education system. We challenge the status-quo by combining Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) with the Swiss dual-education model to accelerate skills in engineering and information technology. A unique program where top universities and employers work together to produce skilled, employable innovative talents that are automatically absorbed into the workplace or supported to launch their venture.


We are looking for driven local (Senegal) and international mentors willing to impact Africa by sharing Technical/Life Skills with our 20 Edacian Talents starting their 6-months immersion in enterprise by the end of April 2017. We seek mentors in:

1) SOFT SKILLS: Communication skills, Leadership, Collaboration, Presentation, Selling, Personal Finance Management.
2) HARD SKILLS: Front-end, Backend, Programming, UX design, UI Design, Design Thinking, Ideation, Problem Solving, Web & Mobile Development, Java, AngularJS, React, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Android.

ONLINE – 3-5 hours per week during 6-months (May – Oct. 2017)
PHYSICAL (Senegal) – min. 2 hours max 4. hours a week during weekends (May – Oct. 2017)
Special Single Events (like Bootcamp): 3 days to 1 week – max. 9 hours a day

WHO? Young Talents following EDACY FAST-Program (
WHEN? starting from beginning of May for 6 months
WHY? to train the new game-changers of Africa and share knowledge

Asked on April 17, 2017

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