Mentorship request:
We are in the Fintech (B2B2C) sector and we seek domain expertise to help see this venture come to life


So we are in the early stages of building a prototype/MVP. having done due diligence with our prospective customers and market opportunities, it still appears that we are oblivious of how the market operates on a macroeconomic level, we lack the experience to understand how to build a flexible product such that it is easy to iterate or pivot efficiently given certain outcomes during product testings. Also, having designed our business models, we still lack the financial know-how to understand our financial forecasts and our unit economies.


We seek a domain expert in the areas of understanding financials – how to capture value and build an efficient revenue pipeline, how to set up a faultless financial projection- 3 years or more, and basically a dedicated fellow who’s good with crunching numbers and can identify unit costs. Secondly, we are in need of a product manager who could as well be a project manager, someone who sees the bigger picture and knows exactly how to sketch a road map taking us from a product launch to gaining a reasonable market share.

Asked on September 13, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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