Mentorship request:
We are an on-demand platform looking for a mentor experienced in marketing and branding start-ups


Our startup is getting traction locally and we have decided to scale and thereby build a stronger brand. We are definitely in need of a seasoned marketing and branding professional who can guide us in our marketing efforts. Building a strong brand is key to our business so we really need to get this part right.
We have used many of the conventional marketing techniques out there but the results so far are far from where we want to be and we really need some guidance in this area


We are looking for someone to point us in the right direction. Evaluate our strategies and plans, check out our pages and see where we can optimize, suggest ways we can improve our visibility online as well as offline and give us general advice as to the ongoing development and implementation of our marketing and branding strategy.
This will be very helpful as it will enable us waste less resources on efforts which may be counter-productive or ineffective and us valuable time, money and effort.

Asked on July 26, 2017

Accepted Mentors:

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