Mentorship request:
We are an AgriTech start-up, post-revenue stage and looking for a mentor to make us investor ready


We would like to scale-up our operations but we are limited on funds given we have been bootstrapping since we went live.
i) Our current warehouse is at full capacity
ii) We have only two delivery vans and not enough to meet demand
iii) We rely on third party logistics to deliver items from farms which is inefficient and expensive
iv) We don’t have qualified sourcing and finance team

Steps to fix this;
i) Actively engaging different partners to raise funds; grants and investment
ii) Hired a experienced part-time consultant (FMCG operations & finance)


We are requesting for a mentor who can review our business model, pitch, financials and strategy and help us to polish.
Would also expect the mentor to connect us to potential investors.
A mentor who understands Agribusiness, FMCG and supply chain could advise us on best strategic decisions; lease or buy assets, how to scale-up, operate lean business model which will break even within 3rd year of operations.

Asked on April 26, 2018

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