Mentorship request:
VR/AR enterprise looking for assistance in business development and client acquisition strategies


Experis Immersive is a content development company based in Abuja. We create innovative solutions using interactive virtual tours, virtual reality, augmented reality technology to help businesses better attract and engage potential clients.

Most businesses we have interacted with find it difficult to see the enormous benefit of virtual tours or virtual reality as an innovative marketing and B2C engagement tool for their business, most especially moving it online. Hence we are facing some challenges in accurately conveying the service offering during the client engagement stage.


We are looking for a mentor in emerging technology who can advise us in breaking down our strategy and service offering for businesses in Africa. We would be glad to work with a well versatile mentor who can help us understand client acquisition strategies as well as business financial management and accounting.


Asked on March 19, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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