Mentorship request:
Utilities pre-payment startup looking for mentorship on enterprise and B2B sales


We have developed a cloud based application that helps utilities get paid for water, electricity and gas services through pre-payment. However, selling this enterprise solution seems to take longer than anticipated, it is not clear what our target customers (utilities) need to get them over the threshold of procuring the enterprise application. We are currently advertising on social media and have newspaper ads scheduled for this month. In addition, we have met and began negotiations with utilities (such as KPLC) and regulators (such as WASREB). In addition, we are trying to get contacts for each county water and sewerage company in Kenya. Once we have significant traction in Kenya, we hope to move to the rest of the Africa and the world since the prepayment standard used in our platform is used in 86 countries worldwide (400 million homes)


We are looking for a mentor who understands and is willing to guide us to grow our sales for our enterprise application. A mentor who has experience in dealing and maintaining long lasting relationships with business and is willing to share the aspects required to maintain these relationships.

Asked on March 27, 2019

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