Mentorship request:
Seeking a mentor to help us digitise the agricultural value chain


MGAK has noticed that most large scale farmers are doing well but small scale ones are struggling. The reason being while the big players are operating using data, the small holder farmers are challenged and operating blindly because they have no access to key information on how to farm.
MGAK therefore hopes the mentor to solve that problem and ensure farmers have access to key information through ICT/digital tools, e.g. apps, GPS systems and sensors to get farming intelligence that informs their actions and decisions. The apps give step by step information on how to manage mushroom farms. It touches on critical aspects from planting to harvesting and marketing.
MGAK has been collecting data for farmers in all the 47 counties and the Diaspora which will be tabulated in a central data management system.


Looking for a mentor to develop a mobile app platform for our member farmers, funding and setting up a business model scalable for the global marketplace.
MGAK is a group of digital farmers, smart modern day agripreneurs who uses digital tools like apps, GPS systems, sensors to get farming intelligence that informs their actions and decisions.
The average farmer has a smart farm that will connected to sensors and special cameras that relay to the farmer information in real time how his mushrooms are doing. Through the sensors he gets data on room temperature and if it is too cold, hot or unfavorable for the growth and survival of the mushroom, and get to adjust it accordingly. The mentor will work with a data scientist at MGAK, the mushroom farmer’s app – – that will offer an array of possibilities.
This app can do wonders. Once installed, a farmer can monitor the growth curve, whether they are making profits or losses. It makes record keeping easy.

Asked on June 10, 2018

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