Mentorship request:
Pretoria-based tech innovation company with e-hailing solution seeks strategic management guidance to grow company past early stage


I’m a young entrepreneur based in Pretoria. I lack the network and insight to fully capitalize on the growth of my business. I manage to build the company to an early growth stage but lack exposure to the right networks and key insights to tap into my company’s full potential.

This extents to a personal field too. I seek guidance in management strategies and business networking, I personally want to improve on my insight and exposure into various fields and ecosystems in the technological space both in a local capacity and globally.


I need guidance into insight and exposure in the startup ecosystem. I want to personally absorb information and provide feedback based on my experience while capitalizing on the experience of a technology entrepreneur veteran.

There is no substitute to expertise , I want to be exposed to that and be guided to identify and develop the right networks and strategies to maximize not only my company’s performance but that of my own too.

Southern African Innovation Support Programme (SAIS)

Asked on January 30, 2020

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