Mentorship request:
South Africa-based Edtech business seeks mentoring on team structuring & business development to respond to growing client base


We have a unique product with huge potential: a combination of content and software as a practical tool that supports both grade-1-children and their teachers, and that provides extensive feedback to teachers and parents. We developed the content, software and training material adequately to demonstrate successful implementation and to show the commercial potential. We commenced selling the app to schools in order to generate the necessary funds and obtain data feedback required for product improvement. However, we slow down the growth of our business by using our product developer for business development, thus hampering the further development of the product and handicapping the efficient role-out of our program.


We need support in attracting the right business development skills or business partner to focus on the profitability of the business, thus allowing our technical expertise to focus on faster development and distributing the product.

Asked on January 27, 2020

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