Mentorship request:
Strategic planning for a Modern Horticulture farming business in Tanzania


We have secure about 11 Hectare of land, also in agreement with agri-consultant who will suggest what kind of crops we can start with, maybe about four, using irrigation system and hybrid seeds. I prepared business canvas and business plan is under preparations. If funds secured, expected first planting of seeds by early Sept. 17 for the crops that can grow and harvest within 3 months. We expect our 1st sale by Early Dec 17. All early start-up expenses identified which will be consolidated in the business plan including monthly expenses to run the business. Still in the process to bring on board finance executive and Admin Executive who will be full time – here I need advice – who to hire full time in this startup. Sent intro to fruits/vegies processors factories with no reply, is there something am doing wrong?. Need to secure customers before harvest. As per AgriConsultant, this is venture is a win-win situation.


Advise on business plan when is ready, I will share with you. How to secure customers for such venture – Fruits / Vegies farming. Marketing strategies, procedures on harvest – how to be ready. Storage + Plus how to handle payments. Handling expenses and records. Inputs on our business canvas, we will share with you. Any other valuable inputs will be appreciated and what investors looking for such ventures – we need to secure investor at the earliest if we must start seeding by early Sept. 2017. Thank you.

Asked on July 8, 2017

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