Mentorship request:
Strategic Asset acquisition, financing and capacity building


My problem at the moment is the acquisition of the FrameCad Machinery to kick start the production phase of the Pre-engineered CDF steel production as per the market and clients requirement.
Upon acquisitions the next face will be detailed and innovative marketing to get the clients and agencies involved in board for the various turnkey solutions we provide as an and entity and periodical after sale services to position our products as the ultimate provider in our choisen niche.
The steps have initiated to mitigate the problems have been varied. Have been enhancing my technical skills on the operation and maintenance of the machinery as well as gaining far reaching expertise in engineering design of the various needs of our projected clients.
As per meeting the market demands our product will be a new concept in the South Sudan market as people are heavily dependant on timber for roof installation with limited installation skills as opposed to our innovative roofing systems


I need a mentor who will assist me with fine turning our product to align with what’s needed to achieve financing for asset acquisition as well as provide ways to engage and effectively bring NGO’s and mylti-government agencies on board to market our modular school project a success as this will enable me achieve the much needed change and effect in the education sector

Asked on May 12, 2019

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