Mentorship request:
Startup digitizing informal retail in Africa looking for a strategic business mentor


Our major problem is establishing contacts for the corporate customers we would wish to partner with. The project requires very strategic partnerships from Telcos, Financial Institutions and Distributors but it’s been quite a challenge getting relevant contacts to the key decision makers in those companies. Also, in consideration to the fact that our venture involves the mass market, our company requires a lot of funds to reach this market and consequently create traction for our solution and would probably benefit from revenue collection at a later stage in the business. This makes the business to struggle from lack of cash flow to operate.


Through my product Uzapoint, I transform small and medium-sized businesses to stop operate like Dukas and start operating like supermarkets through simple, affordable technology on their Mobile Phones. I am seeking a mentor who has experience in emerging markets and in the fintech sector. Someone who can help us engage with investors who are interested in or have experience investing in inclusive fintech early in its acceleration process. The mentor should also be someone who can assist with sourcing, selecting and negotiating with the relevant corporate partners that complement our roll out strategy. Finally, the mentor should have a lot of experience in guiding us through building scalable solutions that can be implemented in Kenya and easily replicated in other countries across Africa.

Asked on March 26, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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