Mentorship request:
Start-up seeks mentor with expertise in strategy development, finance, and business development


SomFund is a crowd funding platform that helps people to raise funds for social causes like education, health and other community matters it also allows entrepreneurs to start their own projects and raise funds easily.

The biggest struggle I face in my startup is that the target market are not familiar with the platform. This presents challenges in engaging with them and providing the relevant services. It is my belief that proper marketing can familiarize prospective users with the platform and spark their interest. I know from experience that this is a needed resource. It will be of great benefit to users if they are able to access it. The startup also requires funding and I would need support in creating a pitch for investors.


My main request is finding a mentor to help me develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for revenue generation, support me with writing a financial plan, and advise me on start-up growth strategies. My overall goal is to turn my start-up into an attractive investment

Asked on May 5, 2020

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