Mentorship request:
Seeking mentorship in online community growth and marketing strategies


We plan to launch our product, the Commonground app, in late March 2017. Up until this point we have invested our time heavily into our vision and product design. We now need to shift focus to building a vibrant community of interested users among the student population. Thus far, we have launched a Facebook page, experimented with blogging and have plans to launch on Twitter and LinkedIn in early March 2017. We have also committed to human centred design practices, hosting focus groups and engaging fellow students in discussion to better understand the needs of our target market.


We are looking to connect with a mentor who has experience in marketing and communications. We are seeking insights into some of the requirements for successfully driving customer engagement and building a community of shared values among our users. We are particularly in need of a mentor who could offer insights into successful social media marketing, but could ideally offer guidance on promoting our work via traditional media platforms and news outlets as well. We are a young team, aged 22-25, and our target market are youths aged 18-25.

Asked on February 9, 2017

Accepted Mentors:

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