Mentorship request:
Seeking mentorship in launching a restaurant technology company


We are in the process of launching a tech startup that seeks to provide a faster and better fast food dining experience to customers and provide a 15% – 37% increase in revenue to restaurant operators along with valuable insights into their customers’ dining habits.

We have a requirement for capital to build phase 1 of the technology, however we believe knowledge is invaluable so what we need most now is an experienced mentor to help and guide us through the journey.


We are seeking a mentor(s) ideally with experience in tech startups, marketing and/or the fast food sector. We are looking for someone who can teach us how to make the most of our limited resources and someone who can guide us through the marketing aspects of a business and/or someone well-versed or well connected in the African fast food sector.

Asked on September 11, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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