Mentorship request:
Seeking mentor with expertise in scaling up a coupon/cashback app in the e-commerce sector


WeMinus is an e-commerce platform that offers daily shoppers on the platform exclusive discounts to shop at their favourite Stores via coupon codes, not just that; Weminus also offers customers cashback reward system for every product purchased. At Weminus, we are changing the way people shop online, and we strive to provide the best possible customer experience

We looking to scale the business and to this end we need to develop a proper strategic business model and revenue chains, also a solution to support the growth, and raise additional finance.


We are looking for Mentors with proven experience of leading/mentoring growth stage E-commerce business to raise required growth stage funding, support the development of a new strategic technology solution in order to support growth and scale up of the business.

Asked on July 4, 2018

Accepted Mentors:

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