Mentorship request:
Seeking for a Mentor in Business Development & Sales in Food Processing & Packaging


We are in business to process, Brand and package locally consumed meal such as yam flour, cassava flour garri and corn flour. The problem we are trying to solve is improving on existing product in terms of packaging, branding and processing which is still done locally up to this moment. We want to solve the problem associated with poor and low quality production and processing of the above named products.

We have developed the prototype of the products and faced the challenge of coming out with the best product in terms of uniqueness. We want to be mentored on this as well as other such as sales and Marketing (How to penetrate into the market and make customers to accept our product) including advertising and distribution strategies.

We have taken a lot of steps to address these challenges such as making an online research as well as contacting research development institutes on the best way to mitigate these challenges.


We hereby requesting for support in coming out with viable product that will be widely accepted in the market.

We are soliciting for support (Mentoring) in terms of:

1. Business Development specifically tailored to Food processing and packaging
2. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product
3. Sales and Marketing Strategies in order to penetrate the market. With emphasis of how to generate new customers and maintain the existing ones.
4. Legal requirement in terms of registration of Trade mark as well as standardization of the product in order to meet international standard including other legal requirements.
5. Financial requirements such as sourcing for capital, maintaining financial statements and other requirements.
6. Distribution and advertising strategies that will enable us reach our target audience
We prefer a mentor with experience in Argo-Allied processing industry whom we will see as mentor and an advisory board member

Asked on September 28, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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