Mentorship request:
Seeking a Mentor to help scale DreamAfrica offering globally

DreamAfrica is our first product offering from The Pearl Dream Inc. The DreamAfrica collection consists of:

1. Cross platform DreamAfrica app for Android, iPhone and iPad with illustrated eBooks of African stories for kids ($99/year per user in North America and Europe, $1/month per user everywhere else)
2. DreamStore, our online retail store featuring retail products with designs inspired by our characters in the stories we illustrate (
3. We hope to scale in the near future into Tv Series animations and game development based on our characters ofter successful funding round.

The mentor would help us find the right partners for distribution, sales and scaling such as our current relationship with to distribute our eBooks in Africa. We have products but would love to reach more parents and teachers who can introduce our digital and retail products to their kids. This will include evaluating our competition and implement effective sales and marketing strategies.

Asked on January 3, 2014

Accepted Mentors:

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