Mentorship request:
Seeking a mentor to boost our Kigali based company focused on empowering women


Our company is founded on the idea that of empowering women in local communities by creating a space where they can learn skills and get earning to help their families. We are currently working with 12 windows with 4 to 8 kids who are now able to pay for the school’s fees and feed their kids.

Our work addresses the issues of poverty. Most women in Kigali after giving birth to more than 2 kids tend to drop out of their jobs and choose to sit home and care about their kids. After some time they find that the market has become very competitive for them to find new jobs. Life in Kigali is very expensive and to get capital to start their own job is hard too. In most cases, these women and widows make it hard to sustain their families. Imara Art Designs created a center where women in that community can meet and; learn skills for arts and crafts that can help them and their families. We are facing problem for financing required row materials and to cover company expenses.


We would like to get a mentor that could help us inroduce us to possible markets and how to reach them. We also want to get to know source of funds and how to apply to those funds

Asked on January 3, 2020

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