Mentorship request:
Scaling up SAAS business and looking for a coach and mentor


Wemasoft has solid products in the market: E-Procurement and E-Learning. Founded in 2013 and currently has a team of 11 full time employees.

As a scaling up strategy, we are giving a freemium on E-Learning, 12 months free software license but pay for support (optional). Over the past 6 months we have signed over 150 companies.

We want to replicate the same model for E-Procurement but this time, on a bigger scale to other African countries.


I need mentors and advisors who understands either Saas Product Development and/or understands the South African market with experience in ERP Saas and/or E-Learning.

My immediate need is of course to increase revenue, build better company management structures and develop framework to attract investors in need be or exit strategy.

Asked on May 23, 2021

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