Mentorship request:
Scale up and international expansion in MEA region


We are AiTech, an agritech startup in Algeria founded in 2016. We have farmers improve their productivity and output by providing easy to use technological solutions :
– A smart farm management system, similar to an ERP in the enterprise context, that help farming professionals manage their business.
– RAITECH, which is a smart irrigation system currently being developed as a pilot project with the Algerian government.

We have raised funds in the past mostly as private debts and personal investments from the founders. We are looking to raise funds externally, while also considering accelerators and incubations programs that can get us to our goal.
We aim to raise 500K$ at least over the next months to accomplish the following:
– Enrich our product offering with additional features (AI-based), plus start working on parallel high impact projects for our customers
– Enter new markets in Africa and the Middle East region where we strongly believe our product would be a market leader.


Navigating international funding waters is complex. We need help with the entirety of the process : designing a convincing pitch deck, locating and assessing the appropriate funding venues to target, crafting the right message for the different investors/institutions…etc.

Candid feedback on our approach is also appreciated.

Asked on October 28, 2021

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