Mentorship request:
Request for mentor in educational (e-learning) sector


We are a Nigerian startup focused on addressing the pressing challenge of unemployment & underemployment within the country.

Our solution framework is to develop an easy-to-use e-learning platform for deploying digital courses (both instructor-led & prepackaged) by pulling together a team of industry experts in various fields relevant to the present workplace and the future of work.

Our solution offers a way to financial independence for the many unemployed youths in Nigeria by giving them access to in-demand digital skills.

Funding for legal documentation and establishment & further testing is our next line of action and our current challenge. We have so far managed to stay afloat by organizing free monthly webinars and upselling advanced courses.


We humbly request guidance, advice and support from established entrepreneurs who will be able to help us perfect our value proposition and gain traction faster.

Asked on December 13, 2020

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