Mentorship request:
Request for a Business Scale up Mentor


Our biggest challenge has been in trying to scale up our production and increase our market share both in Kenya and withing the East African Community. We also need help in the Accounting / Book-keeping Areas and genera management practices.

We have no reasonable Financial Record Keeping save for the Banking Records and really need help with coming up with proper Financial Reporting system.

We have not achieved much in addressing the Accounting / Book-Keeping challenges. We however, have managed to participate in Regional Trade Fairs with the help of the County Government in collaboration with the National Government.


We request for help in coming up with workable accounting / Book-keeping system for for us.

We also request, if possible, for a tailor-made solution to our marketing needs and a proper implementable Regional Scale-up Plan.

Any other assassinate with regard to our challenges will also be highly appreciated.

Asked on May 28, 2018

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