Mentorship request:
Recruitment start up and career networking platform for Female Engineers in Africa


Women Engineers Africa Arise is a Career network platform for Women Engineers in Africa. The platform is used for building CV’s and portfolios. It highlights the member’s education, qualifications, skills, work experience and testimonials from people they have worked with in the past. The platform can be used to share with colleagues and for prospective employees to find specific talent and demographics. The platform will be more engaging and targeted at a specific talent pool. The platform is cloud based and keeps the member’s contact and career movements updated.

Our community members are pre-screened and approved upon joining the site. Prospective employers are charged a premium to access the site, we show case prospective employer branding and employer value proposition for our client our community members. I need assisting in raising funds to have the networking platform up and running.


A sounding board and someone to bounce ideas with while trying to get the business off the ground. Someone who’s worked with multiple countries and managed to access the different markets.The networking platform needs funding and I have no experience in raising funds.Some guidance will be of value to me.

Asked on December 1, 2016

Accepted Mentors:

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