Mentorship request:
reaching out to be enriched to make a difference in logistics industry


two and a half years ago i started offering errands services which emanated from a discussion held with my wife; ” George 90% of the calls you get are of people who need this or that favor since they consider you resourceful. can’t you package this as a income generating venture?”.
from me alone the dream has grown in value since with time and good services our numbers have been growing where more need our errands services.
currently we are working on incorporating technology into our operations hence open up the business to others and tap more talent that will enrich our team at the management level and field operations.
so far we have been able to achieve the following:
1. good customer service which has seen a high retention rate and referrals.
2. been able to to align and clearly figure out our model of operations and scalabilty.


my challenge us the founder is in setting up structures and policies that will help grow the company. to achieve this i need mentor-ship and advice on
1. platform experience… IT
2. financial management.
3. human resource management.
4. setting up of an advisory board.
5. start up fundraising.

Asked on November 25, 2018

Accepted Mentors:

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