Mentorship request:
Gaborone-based property tech data analytics firm seeks mentoring on business modelling and capital raising


We have a well developed path to product launch, our challenge is determining the best launch route and ensuring that our financial projections for capital raising are realistic and correct. We need on product positioning to ensure we don’t miss out on the product potential due to our marketing deficiency.

We have consulted a few other tech entrepreneurs for advise, we have built a network of key customers who provide feedback as we were developing product, we have consulted key value chain stakeholders to guide us as we built product. We believe we have reached the point where we now need to go to market and we want to be adequately prepared and resourced to give the business a fighting chance.


We are looking for a mentor who will help us package our product for optimal growth and help develop the business modelling and financial forecasts to execute our strategy and raise capital.

Asked on January 15, 2020

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