Mentorship request:
Property development


Breaking into the property industry due to lack of capital and to over come this Te Amo has applied for funding from multiple sources and we’re looking into approaching more funding platforms. There is also a problem of not knowing what we don’t know (lack of knowledge) to overcome this I’ve attended multiple seminars, read books, watched youtube channels of people already in the property industry and have consulted property investors, landlords, developers and so forth in order to attain more knowledge and grasp a greater understanding.


Te Amo is looking for a mentor who has deep working knowledge of analytics and knowledge of the marketplace especially within the property industry, knowledge about real estate tax laws so Te Amo can navigate and take advantage of current tax laws and to formulate strategies that could work to benefit Te Amo, has mutual interest and possibly involved in the property industry, has visionary leadership experience, has extensive business experience, goal orientated and motivated, thinks out the box and understands but can also add to Te Amo’s vision and mission.

Asked on February 6, 2020

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