Mentorship request:
Print tech startup looking for a mentor with experience in scaling business operations and revenue


We have been bootstrapping for a while and while it’s been good and we’ve experienced steady growth over the past 12 months we, however, need to scale the business in the following ways
Marketing: We require a larger marketing budget to reach our specific target markets with our unique value proposition
Production: In order to cater to the increased demand for customized apparels we also need to expand our production capabilities, these might include us owning the apparel production, branding, and packaging processes.
Operations: Also in an attempt to cater to the increased demand we foresee a scenario where we will need to expand our operations in terms of manpower and physical presence by launching in new locations worldwide.


We will like to work on the following with our prospective Mentor:
Scalability Strategies: We will like our mentor to guide us on the types of practical strategies we can employ in order to scale our marketing, production & operations efforts
Investor Relations: We will also like our mentor to guide us on strategies that can be employed in order to make us more attractive to prospective investors
Sales Strategies: We are also particular about the business being able to grow organically on its own hence we also seek to learn the strategies required to increase our sales revenue

Asked on March 19, 2019

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