Mentorship request:
Power / Technology startup looking for a business scale-up mentor


ICE Commercial Power essential faces challenges in setting up a rigid internal communication structure to prevent business
processes from falling through the cracks. Team members could do better at closing projects and deals with a better
internal communication and tracking structure. ICE currently utilizes emails, WhatsApp, phone calls to keep up with our
communication. ICE has implemented a regularly scheduled conference call meetings to help tackle the issues and is 
looking to establish a better infrastructure based off Slack and other technology applications like Asana, Trello, just to 
mention a few.


ICE would like to request a mentor who has a passion for the power and technology industry who can help develop advise and guide ICE team in a more efficient manner of internal communication and collaboration, who can enhance ICE’s partnership acquisition program and guide ICE on it’s path of scaling up and expansion.

We also request, if possible, for a tailor-made solution to our marketing needs and a proper implementable scale-up plan. We need help in fine-tuning our business / sales & marketing strategy and obtaining potential partners. Some knowledge of supply chain management and logistics will be highly appreciated.

Asked on June 20, 2018

Accepted Mentors:

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