Mentorship request:
Policy Advisory for Harmonization of Biocontrol Regulation


After five years of third party trials, toxicology testing, labeling samples, etc. we finally had our product approved for commercial use in Kenya. As we plan ahead for expansion into other countries in Africa (our 2030 strategy), we are evaluating each country’s regulatory protocol – every country has their own policy. In an effort to harmonize the regulation across the continent (or at least within trade zones), we were selected to be the case study for a grant managed by the ICGEB. However, while that grant will investigate and propose a shared protocol, we would like to learn more about how our technology can navigate the existing policies more immediately.


We are seeking an advisor(s) on navigating the regulatory landscape in other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This could include influence over harmonization of protocol and policy, understanding of the Nagoya Protocol, and/or previous experience in agricultural product registration in Africa.

Asked on June 20, 2021

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