Mentorship request:
Pet food production and Pet care service


Lack of pet culture in Botswana. Pet owners are undermined yet there is potential of them bringing in revenue in the country and Africa as a whole. The community takes health and well-being for granted, with emphasis on how pets can contribute to our well-being, this will help a lot in society. We do not have pet insurance so most dogs are abandoned when they get sick or are out of shape.

I then put it upon myself to start educating the community on the need for pet care. I make organic healthy treats for pets so as to reduce veterinary health care costs.


-Ways of making organic pet feeds at an affordable rate so they not only appeal to the high income earners.

-Nudge me in the right direction, help me find more ways to get the message across on the importance of health for individuals and their pets.

Asked on February 20, 2018

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