Mentorship request:
Parmeculture and organic products


Thumbs Up Uganda have been working for parents for four years, our parents are hard working but they only produce what they eat for food, they struggles to sustain their livelihood at all levels. The farming system in the community have been infiltrated with genetically modified seeds. Parents face it rough to keep on buying seeds yearly. i want to make parents accountable to all that they deserves and store their own seeds, grow what can earn living and sustain on their economic growth.
There is no need to buying extra modified seeds if they can use their traditional farming methods, our grand ancestral fathers were using the same land without the use of artificial fertilizers and still they were able to raised big extended families members. So farmers need training to adjust to the older methods that had worked very well but now they will have to use improved farming tools to generate better qualities products. 80 parents will start with vegetables gardens in the first year.


Thumbs Up Uganda seeks a well knowledgeable persons in parmeculture and organic farming to help train our parents with technicalities related to the activities. The 20 parents will be selected to mentors the rest of the community members after the training. We want the whole community members to make changes and mindset shift from genetically modified farm products. By doing this, we shall also be advocating for the well-beings of our community members.
Thumbs Up Uganda would like parents to take the lead in the development of their own community by utilizing available resources profitably without depleting it. This also means that environmental measures shall be taken into consideration, trees and other creatures shall be protected.

Asked on July 3, 2018

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