Mentorship - Open requests

Entrepreneurs with a registered venture profile on VC4A have the ability to submit a request for mentorship support. Once these requests are screened and posted it’s up to one of the VC4A mentors to step forward and to see what can be done to assist.

Find below an overview of entrepreneurs on VC4A who are looking for support from a mentor. Click on the title to get more information.

Guidance in launching a startup tech hub

I am preparing to launch a  startup tech hub from scratch and make it scale. The goal is to support young technology entrepreneurs and build meaning-full connections with corporates.I am seeking a mentor ideally with experience i starting or running ...

Guidance in launching a startup tech hub - Mentor-request image Lisumen Innovative H… • August 21, 2019

Profile photo of Dajonang Damyeni

Growth in poultry business

I need direction/education into the kind of materials to use for packaging chicken, guinea fowl, turkey and eggs that is cost effective for the start-up entrepreneur. This will help improve my business as products will be well presented with better ...

Growth in poultry business - Mentor-request image BossChick Poultry • August 9, 2019

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Mentorship in Agribusiness

Bon Maraicher is seeking a mentor to build a strategic plan, This will help us to adapt our project to the challenges, to the community. And make an in-depth study on our venture.

Mentorship in Agribusiness - Mentor-request image Bon Maraicher • July 30, 2019