Mentorship request:
On-demand skilled labour startup looking for mentor who can improve business model and team growth 


Our main challenge at Upsist is raising the necessary capital to fund the rolling out of our services, software development and expansion of key operations. Our vision is to have UpSist operational in 4 countries in Africa, namely Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. This would require us to put together a team that is able to spearhead our growth.


We would like guidance on how best to approach potential investors, the negotiation process and how to manage financial risk. We would also appreciate guidance on how to identify the most important roles and how to establish and manage a competent team that will do so. And while we have a clear strategy on our business model so far, we hope to have your guidance on the best strategies in managing service expectations in the on-demand industry.

Asked on April 7, 2019

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