Mentorship request:
Okere Farmer Group in Ghana seeking for mentor


The members of the project are in dire need to develop them, but could not afford the provision of basic inputs. The major problem faced by the Group and which it will try to address is the lack of the most appropriate agriculture inputs to restart normal production activities. These inputs include farm equipments, seeds, planting materials, and livestock for restocking of lost animals.

Other issues:-
– Lack of the capacity to provide support service.
– The neglect of people with disabilities in development activities.


Maize is one of the major staple foods in Ghana. Its production has increased over the years as people change their consumption trends. It has evolved from a purely subsistence to a successful commercial crop. Maize in Ghana is sold mainly for food in schools, relief by World Food Programme (WFP) or export to neighboring countries such as Togo, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

Maize production has improved with the adoption of improved technologies by farmers. These technologies include improved seeds like hybrid and open pollinated varieties, timely planting, and proper spacing and timely weeding and harvesting. Use of fertilizers for soil fertility improvement has been encouraged as well as minimum or zero-tillage by use of herbicides. On average, 1,500,000 MT (UBOS, 2018) is estimated as the annual maize production. Of this, about 90% is used for national human consumption, locally and region and 10% for feeds. Climatically,

Asked on June 10, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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