Mentorship request:
Nigerian payment service provider seeking advice in digital marketing and media exposure


Middletrust officially kicked off operations in March 2020, a tough period to launch a payment company considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its vast effects on the global economy. Accordingly, growth has been low and we are lacking expertise in cost-effective methods of marketing our brand and gaining necessary exposure. We believe this is essential for a new entrant in a space where consumer trust is paramount.
At the moment we are trying to gain users organically by interacting with potential users and encouraging them to refer friends. We are also preparing to launch a paid online digital marketing campaign and review the results.


A mentor who has digital marketing skills and also access to tech-focused press would be very much appreciated.
We believe that working with someone with the above-listed skills and network will give us a strong foundation on which to build on to better achieve market penetration without having to break the bank.
Thank you.

Asked on April 16, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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