Mentorship request:
Nigerian multi niche e-commerce company looking for a growth phase mentor


Lucy is an e-commerce, wholesale and retail technology company that provides business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales of personalized products and branded merchandise online. We are a multi-niche platform, the convenient alternative in a combined billion dollar niche market that is currently 97% brick and mortar in Africa. We are growing and are looking for scaling support from a mentor.


I will like to learn from a mentor that has been through the growth phase of a business and how they managed it. These are the areas I would like to work on with a mentor:

1. Marketing: We have some resources to spend on marketing and hire a few more marketers but where exactly to spend ad money for the best return on investment is something we can improve on. We also need help with telling the story, finding the connection that grows the brand.
2. System: We receive more orders than we used to and we have tried using several apps/crms to improve the processes but haven’t found the ideal set-up yet.
3. Processes: Standardizing processes within the company is another area I would like to work on.
4. Company culture: How to entrench company values, how to grow and build the culture for now and future.
5. Inscribing the vision: how do we make everybody who works at Lucy buy into our vision and work towards it.

Asked on March 18, 2019

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