Mentorship request:
Nigerian female carpenter in need of a Mentor!


Do you mind sharing a few tips on:
1. How to get my financial records right from inception.
2. How to make my team mates committed to building the brand.
3. How to build a sustainable system and brand that will last centuries, as lack of sustainability is a problem with most local brands in my country.


Steps taken to address this challenge
1. I try to enter in the daily expenses on a particular project using the excel spreadsheet, and at the end of the project I retire the profits accordingly.
2. I constantly remind them of the vision of Perception Consult furniture from time to time and practical ways on how to ensure the demand for our brand increases progressively.
3. For now on building a sustainable system, I carry out unofficial one-on one trainings with some key staff hoping that through their attitude to work, other staff joining the team as we grow will fall in line to the already existing standards. We ensure everyone is involved in building the brand from the security man to the top level staff.

Asked on August 24, 2017

Accepted Mentors:

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