Mentorship request:
New plant producing pellet-based on biomass waste research mentor in different fields


Access to energy, which is increasingly seen as a fundamental right, is a prerequisite for any development process. In Africa, Latin America and Asia, including India and China, the wood becomes increasingly difficult to find and alternative energy in general not exist. Two billion people worldwide depend on wood from deforestation for their domestic energy needs. In Africa, particularly Ivory Coast, it represents 90% of energy sources. But this use of wood is a serious environmental problem such as drought, desertification and climate change. As deforestation progresses, women and children must travel ever greater distance to find wood and other forest products. This additional load reduces the time they could spend on other essential tasks yet. In Ivory Coast; With less fuel, the quantity and quality of food decreases; Fuel supply () absorbs a share increasingly important revenue; around 30%of the monthly budget. Finally, the smoke released is harmful to eyes and lungs.


Agroforestry and development of agroforestry waste are unquestionably the two best shown techniques to strengthen environmental protection, productivity, food security and finally mitigation of climate change.
For those reasons, we are looking for experienced experts for inputs in at our business model and provide advices in our finance model
-We are currently running a seed fundraiser round and need a mentor who can offer more expert advisory and connections to succeed at this stage
We are also looking for all the people who master the field of granulaction of plant wast in order to share with them all their knowledge and if possible participate in the launching of the company.

Asked on May 2, 2018

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