Mentorship request:
Microfinance Business Startup


I ve got problem to kick-start my registered microfinance company due to financial constraints. I started the company with ideas and experience in the field of microcredit but lacking capital. There is a huge ready market for my loan products in this country and if money could be availble the business could easily be on the road. Trying to find investors is my option but I have very small cash capital at hand and that could mean getting to invite investors who would be willing to take up majority of the company shares.Since I am passionate to put the company to pace, please advise me how to find willing investors who would meet this appealing need.
Thank you


I need the following support, if willing investors could be available,
1. Help with budget planning
2. Help with implimentation of the programs
3. Help in accounting and strategic planning
4. Help to purchase softwares
4. Help to start off, establishing branches and asset acquisition.

Asked on August 10, 2018

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