Mentorship request:
Mentorship support and guidance on marketing and strategic growth planning


As a new start-up in a tech-oriented waste recycling company, penetrating this market will seem too far-fetched for our team who are new to this industry. However, the alacrity to save the environment has fuelled our passion to find more knowledge and skills in this sector. Our new startup is struggling a bit with marketing and planning for strategic growth. We believe in pushing boundaries and don’t want to limit ourselves. We have studied this market industry that exists in different countries and studied how they model their business. We want to gain knowledge on how to plan accordingly and grow big.


We would love to penetrate the market efficiently and we are looking for a mentor to guide us on proper marketing skills together with strategic growth planning. Our company hopes to achieve its goals which will raise more awareness on how to take care of the environment. So gaining more knowledge of marketing skills will aid us to build a sustainable clean environment.

Asked on January 12, 2021

Accepted Mentors:

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