Mentorship request:
Mentorship on innovation and growth planning


The company is addressing value chain inefficiencies leading to low productivity and negligible exports despite conducive environmental factors in Tanzania and rising global demand for honey. A study conducted by the Private Agricultural Sector Support Limited indicates that Tanzania has about 9.2 million honeybee colonies whose annual production potential is about 138,000 tonnes of honey and 9,200 tonnes of beeswax. At present, Tanzania produces about 4,860 tons of honey and about 324 tons of beeswax every year. This is only 3.5% of the existing potential of the beekeeping industry. This underperformance is due to most Tanzanian beekeepers practicing age-old apiculture techniques. There is no organized marketing system for both local and foreign markets to encourage the development and expansion of the industry. More than 90% of honey produced in the country is consumed in the country like food, mainly for making refreshments and medicine with only 5% of honey being exported.


The company seeks mentorship and guidance to bring innovation and improve the quality of the value chain through the introduction of improved techniques, skill training, and knowledge transfer, and access to capital to finance this transformation. Subsequently, it seeks to leverage the improved quality honey with a foray into the untapped export market. Enhancing biodiversity and supporting forest preservation go along with quality improvement.

Asked on February 19, 2021

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