Mentorship request:
Mentorship needed


We are scaling up our operation to increase production and distribution. As I am a first time entrepreneur, I don’t have a partner and I have no business educational background, I feel like I’m lacking the ability to make sure I am making all the right moves.
Securing a Factory:
Very challenging as the industrial zones are far and getting legal licenses is almost impossible. I have been looking for 4 months and will continue to do so. I need a factory consultant to recommend reliable suppliers and the right machines.
Lack of Finance/Accounting Knowledge:
I do not have a business plan. I would like to have an expert ‘crunch my numbers’ to determine my short and long term business goals. I have contacted someone to help me with strategy.
How to find key employees and keep them:
I need a key manager so I can step away from the logistics of the kitchen. I would like to offer this person profit sharing as an incentive. I am waiting to secure the facility before looking for this person.


I am desperately looking for mentors to give me confidence to make the next big leap in my business. The skills I offer my company are important but I am very aware of my limitations and I feel like in order to try to guarantee my success as much as possible I need to step cautiously, as I can’t afford to make expensive mistakes. The demand on our products is undeniable, now we need a machine behind Baked to make sure it succeeds.

I need guidance (factory consultant) to help me find a factory, deal with reliable suppliers for kitchen equipment and advice on the right machines to purchase.

I need to find the right people to hire, especially the factory manager, and maybe offer him a profit sharing position.

I would like to get support from a financial strategist/analyst to make a business plan and determine short and long term goals for my business.

I need to be sure that the moves I am making in Baked are the right ones, or at least get very close.

Asked on January 10, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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