Mentorship request:
Mentorship for revenue strategy and fintech in Agribusiness


Agro-Circa started as a spin-off from my NGO’s Impact Agric project where we supported small holder farmers and agricultural traders with a savings program and provided some conservation agricultural trainings to these farmers.

The decision to detach was because climate change and food security are two big issues the world is battling with today and we wanted to be able to run a sustainable social business with an effective continuity plan.

COVID-19 also presented an opportunity to go digital with our services. We have currently designed the first draft of the digital platform. We are currently engaging farmers to get their input on product design and features.


I need professional advice on how to transition effectively from the non-profit model to social business, developing revenue strategies and fintech advice. And also fine-tune our pitch deck.

Asked on October 9, 2020

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