Mentorship request:
Mentorship: Beverage Manufacturing


I just started a beverage (soft drinks) manufacturing company and I’m new to this field but I’ve been in the micro-finance business for the past 5 years. Since I’m just starting, our manufacturing will be done with partners in South Africa and products will be exported to our distribution warehouse in Botswana. The intention is to use this to gain traction so as my business can be investment-ready. My intention is to later relocate our manufacturing to Botswana. This will help address the high unemployment rate and contribute to economic diversity since the country has a low manufacturing rate. Botswana is in the center of the SADC region, and this will give me the opportunity to export to nearby countries with ease.


To have someone by my side whom I will be accountable to, can guide me through the journey of creating a successful venture, and won’t be disappointed for the time he committed. I know with the right guidance I will achieve my vision.

Asked on May 27, 2021

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