Mentorship request:
Mentors wanted in Digital Health pandemic response and artificial intelligence


Our company Bisa is a digital health organisation that provides a mobile platform for the public to speak to doctors and receive healthcare information. Users can download the application on their smart phones and can also use bisa on our online web portal.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our platform now provides health information on COVID-19 and access to expert information on COVID-19. Health authorities use our platform to follow up discharged COVID-19 patients and also to monitor suspected cases on our platform.


We need mentors in the pharmaceutical space, digital health space and any related space that can mentor us to maximize our impact as a digital health platform. We need their mentorship advice in content for the application, interoperable of the platform to work with other existing platforms or new ones , features that will solve the core challenges we have with COVID-19 pandemic and also how our platform can extend to rural areas that need the healthcare the most.

We also need expert technical help in our goal to use artificial intelligence to augment the efforts of our doctors who answer questions on the platform. We plan on using AI in the next phase of our platform.

Asked on May 19, 2020

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