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Mentoring Request on Food Processing and Packaging


I want to be mentored on 1. Business Development 2. How to process and Package agroallied products such as cassava flour, maize flour and yam flour, 3. Developing marketing and advertising strategies to reach out to target audience 4. Adding inovation to the products and make more attractive to target audience 5. Other technical aspects needed to set up food processing enterprise 6. Developing a product that will accommodate both high and low income earners 7, coming out with viable products that will be widely accepted in the market


I hereby request to be mentored on the above mentioned problems. This is my first time of venturing into food processing enterprise but I am a success entrepreneur in information technology which I am still running till now. I have already registered the enterprise with corporate affairs commission in my country Nigeria as well as acquiring land for the business. I need thorough mentoring on food processing and agroallied enterprise

Asked on November 12, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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