Mentorship request:
Mentor on Marketing, Business Development, and Leadership.


KODGAV is an Ag-tech platform dedicated to streamlining the supply chain of African organic food commodities.
KODGAV was founded in Oct 2019, and since then we grew our team across 2 countries, receiving $17.6 million in inbound trade inquiries in the same time.

We are now planning our UK/EU product launch for July 2021.

KODGAV is at pre-revenue stage currently raising its first external investment. We are still restricted by financial constraints until capital infusion into the business. Nonetheless, we have an ambitious marketing plan to go from £0-1M in revenues in under 12 months, without relying on external investment.

We are facing a challenge building a capable management team to execute our GTM plan for 2021.


In need of a mentor who has traversed the entrepreneur journey preferably multiple times.
A mentor to guide on the process of marketing, negotiating, culture, building and leading an organization.

My Ideal mentor would have a key understanding of developed market economies(DME’s), in-addition to having an established network within (DME’s)

Asked on January 30, 2021

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